Tart Yogurt Bar offers 8 different flavors of yogurt and 40+ topping options. Tart currently has 6 core flavors and 2 rotating flavors ,along with a variety of dry toppings and fresh selection of seasonal fruit. Something delicious for everyone!

Current flavors on rotation:

Low Fat Thin Mint Cookies

Non Fat Orange Sorbet

Rotating Flavors:

Non Fat Pink Lemonade Sorbet                            Non Fat Orange Sorbet

Non Fat Blueberry Tart                                         Non Fat Strawberry Tart

Non Fat Key Lime Pie                                          Low Fat Pumpkin Pie

Low Fat Red Velvet Cake                                     Low Fat German Chocolate Cake

Non Fat Cheesecake                                            Low Fat Cookies and Cream

Non Fat Swiss Chocolate                                      Low Fat Triple Chocolate

Low Fat White Chocolate Mousse                          Non Fat Dulce De Leche

Non Fat Strawberry Tart                                        Low Fat Expresso

Non Fat Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough   


Chocolate Sprinkles, Rainbow Sprinkles, Butterfinger, Oreos, Rainbow Nerds, 

Mini Sour Gummy Worms, Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, 

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate, Fruitty Pebbles, Rice Mochi, Reeces Pieces,

Peanut M&Ms, M&Ms, Heath Bar Bits, Peanuts, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts,

Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Coconut, Cheesecake Pieces, Graham Cracker,

Cookie Dough, White Snow Cap Chips, Yogurt Chips, Granola, Cap'n Crunch,

Marachino Cherries, Mandarin Oranges


Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Butterscotch, Peanut Butter, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Agave Nectar, Honey 



Core Flavors:

Non Fat Original Tart

Non Fat Birthday Cake

Low Fat Strawberry Sensations

Non Fat No Sugar Added Tahitian Vanilla

Non Fat Dark Chocolate

Low Fat Peanut Butter

Fresh Fruit Toppings*:






Gold Kiwi



*fruit selection will depend on what is in season.

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