Contact Information

4859 Bryant Irvin Road
Fort Worth , TX 76132

Phone: 817-423-8282

About Tart Yogurt Bar

Tart Yogurt Bar is a self serve frozen yogurt shop locally owned in Fort Worth, Texas. Since first opening in March of 2010, Tart has been committed to maintaining a clean family friendly environment, and providing customers the freshest frozen yogurt and toppings.

What is a "self serve frozen yogurt shop" you ask? Well, here is how it works:

First you grab a cup.

Then you dispense the yogurt and add whatever toppings you want.

Lastly your cup will be weighed at the register, then you just pay and enjoy!

The yogurt is priced based on weight, meaning you can mix and match whichever yogurts and toppings you want and get as much or as little as you would like! It's yogurt YOUR way! Tart Yogurt Bar has 8 different yogurt flavors and 40+ topping choices so the possibilities are endless!

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